An Exequatur is a legal document issued by a sovereign authority allowing a right to be enforced in the authority's domain of competence. The word is a form of the Latin verb exequi, and means let it be executed in Latin.

With the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, the acceptance of a house's request for an exequatur is considered a milestone and is usually accompanied by great celebration. The Sisters from houses hundreds of miles away frequently make the trip to join the celebration.

Our Exequatur was an incredible experience for all of us.  We were delighted to have so many Sisters from across the country join us for this happy, wild and yet solemn occasion.


June 8 - Thursday night

We held a wonderful potluck dinner at the home of our Abbess and prepared gift bags for all our lovely Sisters.

June 9 - Friday night

We manifested at the fabulous Bear Happy Hour at Town Dance Boutique, 8th and Florida Avenue, NW.  We raised over $2,000 to support legislation to end conversion therapy as a treatment for LGBTQ youth in all 50 states.  Nine states have passed legislation, but 41 states have not.

June 10- Saturday

Vigil protest at Russian Ambassador's residence, 1165 16th Street, NW - photos on our Media page

DC Pride Parade -  We had a fun time waiting but there was a kerfuffle and a side protest and our able Abbess bravely led us to DuPont Circle, forming mini-Pride Parade on the sidewalk as people turned to wave and photograph us as we tramped and flounced our way to the Circle.

Exequatur - DuPont Circle - a mystical ceremony led by Sister Unity.  We are mother-fucking activists!  Everybody gets love!

June 11- Sunday

Rally and March for Equality - we joined our sisters, brothers and allies for the a wonderful time of protest and resistance to protect and preserve our rights as LGBTQ men and women.

More photos to come....