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As any good Sister will take tradition, fondle it, then sent it on its way with a smile, we too have done so with our formal habits. While basic black never goes out of style, we’ve opted for a more classic Americana theme in a Victorian style. The tunic will remain largely unchanged, though in a lovely shade of navy blue and with long bell sleeves. The trim along the neck, sleeve cuffs, and down the lower sides of the tunic will be in powder blue. A train crinoline will be added to the lower hem to give body and a defined shape to the silhouette. Also we shall not be referring to our Fully-Professed members as “black veils”, as we are not incorporating those into our look. We felt the black veil over the navy tunic was just too harsh. So our senior-most members will be “taking the white”, or wearing a white veil. This change also forces us to rethink our Postulant and Novice veils. Our Postulants will now wear a veil in fossil gray, and our Novices will wear a veil of navy blue.


The design of our formal coronets was inspired by those of the founding house from San Francisco. We chose this shape since we know that by being in the nation’s capital, we want to make sure we have immediate recognition by the public and media when we are at events. We chose the colors of our coronet to be red with a white mesh overlay and a red band to represent the colors of Washington DC's flag. We also have three buttons added to the coronet to represent the three mullets (more commonly just called stars) that are on the flag. With this, we are able to pay homage to the Sisters that came before us as well as representing our city with pride. (major shout out to Sister Dietrich for this amazing work!)

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